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Ron Fox asks "Can you appear in Michigan for me?"

Lawyerdude answers:

Pro hac vice (pro hack veechay)

Any U.S. lawyer can generally appear

in any count in America one time.

It is a rule that the bar made to avoid conflict with commerce clause.

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Ron Fox asks "Can you appear in Michigan for me?"

Do a google search for "pro hac vice Michigan" or insert your state.

Lawyerdude answers:

Generally any lawyer licensed in any U.S. jurisdiction can practice in every state. I am licensed in more than one U.S. jurisdiction therefore I can practice in every state, generally speaking.

Many famous cases were argued pro hac vice: This case was argued pro hac vice.

I am only disbarred in California STATE courts.

Each court has its own rules, but basically they know that the commerce clause forbids impeding commerce, so they go along and say "Okay, you can appear this time based on your license in another jurisdiction"

California is not the only jurisdiction where I am licensed. At my trial in 1999 I tried to admit my proof of additional licensure. In preparation for trial I hired an investigator to obtain proof of licensure outside California. Judge Steele would not permit me to admit this proof. I won the trial anyway.

My point it this: Any licensed lawyer can generally practice in every state. Rule vary from state to state but if the rules are too restrictive then they violate the commerce clause.


Basic Pro Hac Vice Information by Jurisdiction

1. Click on the hyperlinks in the left hand column if you are interested in more information about the pro hac vice rules in the listed jurisdictions.





Rule VII of the Alabama Rules Governing Admission to the Alabama State Bar



Alaska Rule of Civil Procedure 81(a)(2); Alaska Appellate Court Rule 103

$250 per case per year.

American Samoa




Arizona Supreme Court Rule 33(d)

$369.75 in 2004.


Arkansas Supreme Court Rule XIV



California Rule of Court 983

$50 per case.


Rule 221 and 221.1 of the Colorado Rules Governing Admission to the Bar of the State of Colorado

$250 per case (state court and administrative proceedings).


Connecticut Practice Book Section 2-16



Delaware Supreme Court Rules 71 and 72; Delaware Superior Court Rule 90.1; Delaware Chancery Court Rule 170 (b)



Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.061; Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.440(a)



Georgia Supreme Court Rule 4; Georgia Court of Appeals Rule 9; Georgia Uniform Superior Court Rule 4.4



7 Guam Code Annotated § 9116



Hawai'i Supreme Court Rule 1.9

$250 if admitted prior to 1997; $150 after.


Idaho Bar Commission Rule 222; Idaho Appellate Court Rule 9

$200 per case.


Illinois Supreme Court Rule 707



Rule 3, Section 2 of the Indiana Rules for Admission to the Bar and Discipline of Attorneys



Iowa Code Section 602.10111 and Iowa Supreme Court Rule 113



Kansas Supreme Court Rule 1.01(f) and Admission Rule 705(b); Kansas District Court Rule 116



Kentucky Supreme Court Rule 3.03



Louisiana Revised Statute 37:214 to 216; Louisiana Supreme Court Rule XVII, Section 11






Title 4, Section 802 of Maine Revised Statutes



Maryland Code Section 10-215; Rule 14 of the Maryland Rules Governing Admission to the Bar

$25.00 filing fee to docket motion in Maryland Circuit Courts; applies to civil and criminal actions.


Section 46A of Title 221 of the Massachusetts Code



Rule 15, Section 2 of the Michigan Supreme Court Rules Concerning the State Bar of Michigan



Minnesota Code Section 481.02(6); Minnesota Rule of Appellate Procedure 143.05(1); Minnesota General Practice Rule 5



Mississippi Code Section 73-3-39; Mississippi Supreme Court Rule 46



Missouri Supreme Court Rule 9.03

$100 for each case.


Section IV of the Montana Supreme Court Admission Rules; Montana Uniform District Court Rule 13



Nebraska Supreme Court Admission Rule 6



Nevada Supreme Court Rule 42 (new rule effective September 24, 2002)

$350 per case per year.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Supreme Court 33(1); New Hampshire Superior Court Rule 19; New Hampshire District and Municipal Court Rule 1.3C


New Jersey

Rule 1:21-2 of the New Jersey Rules Governing the Courts of the State of New Jersey

Varies; up to $175 per year.

New Mexico

New Mexico Rule of Appellate Procedure 12-302E; New Mexico Rule of Civil Procedure 1.089(1); New Mexico Rule of Criminal Procedure 5.08


New York

New York Court of Appeals Rule 520.11; New York Court Rules § 602.2 (1st Dept., App. Div.), § 805.3 (3rd Dept., App. Div.), § 1000.13(l) (4th Dept., App. Div.)


North Carolina

North Carolina General Statute 84-4.1 and 84-4.2


Northern Mariana Islands

Sections 3 and 4 of Rule II of the Rules of Admission of the CNMI Supreme Court


North Dakota

North Dakota Rule of Court 11.1; North Dakota Admission to Practice Rule 3



Ohio Supreme Court Rule of Practice 1(2); Ohio Court of Claims 17



Oklahoma Supreme Court Rule 1.5; Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals Rule 1.6; Article II, Section 5 of the Oklahoma Supreme Court Rules Creating and Controlling the Oklahoma Bar Association



ORS 9.241; Oregon Rules of Appellate Procedure 6.10(4) and 8.10(4); Oregon Uniform Trial Court Rule 3.170

$250 per case per year.








Pennsylvania Bar Admission Rule 301


Puerto Rico

Title 4, Section 723 of the Puerto Rico Code; Puerto Rico Supreme Court Rule 11(d)

Not presently known.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Supreme Court Rule 9


South Carolina

South Carolina Appellate Court Rule 404


South Dakota

Section 16-18-2 of the South Dakota Code



Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 19



Texas Code Section 82.036; Texas Supreme Court Rule Governing Admission to the Bar XIX

$250 per case. Go to Texas Board of Law Examiners - PHV Application for more information and application.


Utah Supreme Court Rule of Professional Practice 11-302; Utah State Bar Admission Rule 13

$175 per case.


Vermont Appellate Court Rule 45.1(e); Vermont Rule of Civil Procedure 79.1(e); Vermont Rule of Criminal Procedure 44.2(b); Vermont Rule of Family Court Procedure 15(e); Vermont Rule of Probate Court 79.1(d); Vermont District Court Rule 79.1



Virginia Code Section 54.1-3900; Virginia Supreme Court Rule 1A:4


U.S. Virgin Islands

U.S. Virgin Islands Territorial Court Rule 301



Washington Admission to Practice Rule 8(b)


Washington, D.C.

District of Columbia Court of Appeals Rule 49(c)(7)


West Virginia

West Virginia Code Section 30-2-2; Rule 8 of the West Virginia Rules for Admission to the Practice of Law



Wisconsin Supreme Court Rule 10.03(4)



Wyoming Code Section 33-5-111; Wyoming Supreme Court Rule 11(b); Wyoming Uniform Rule for District Courts 104

Considering $250 fee per case per year; see Proposed new Wyoming PHV Rule.

Last Edited: Monday, May 03, 2004.

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