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Lawyerdude’s Original Traffic Page #5259. One word: Demurrer!

This page is

There are more than 100 actual winning motions that you can adapt to your case is at..

You will enjoy reading Charlie’s court transcripts:

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Why does Congress want to give you a red light ticket by Camera !? ,

Pages that link forward to this page:

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            My Top Ten Lists of briefs, opinions, instruments of oppression, etc:

            The Steve 762 program to fight traffic tickets:

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Traffic Court Oppression page #5259.

Learn how to politely take control in the courtroom: is

The best and latest traffic briefs are found at the following places:

            1. At my Steve762 program page :

            2. At Lawyerdude’s latest briefs:

The federal and local governments and corporations cooperate and recognize each other more than they recognize humans. They recognize each other because they live for eternity, they cannot be put in jail, and they have lots of money. You don’t. To them, humans are merely fodder for the benefit of the executives who run the corporations. The federal government is behind this red light photograph traffic ticket stuff. Here is a link to a pdf file that tells about the federal government program. See if your county is one of the players in this oppressive program: , Same page on the internet:

How I won a demurrer:

I won my only two tickets in the past 6 years by demurrer. The are on my demurrer page:

A few of my Personal old traffic briefs are at here:

Here is the case of Crandall v Nevada where Nevada tried to charge $1 for everybody who left the state.

You can also see the Crandall v Nevada case at Findlaw

The Crandall cases seems pertinent to anybody who might want to depart from the state and does not have money to buy car insurance or registration - - but then interstate rights are also applicable within the state even if you are not departing - so this case applies to everybody so it seems. I have started a new group about car insurance. It is here

The Tumey v Ohio case from 1927 says that if a judge makes money only when he finds you guilty then you have been denied Due Process. It is actually more complicated than that. This is a case you can use! Tumey v Ohio from 1927

Here is a case that contains more traffic cases. The guy lost but the arguments are good. Gullota case.

You have a right to drive without a license! Read why at the link at

Sample Brief. The FBI arrested me on 14 May 1999 for having written this brief:

Melvin Looser traffic brief in pdf format: 2871.pdf

Melvin Looser traffic brief in html format: 2871.html 

Leading Traffic Cases:

Johnson. 1920. Supreme court says postal workers don't need driver licenses! Full text of case at Page 5274. Why do you need one?

In Re Bush. 1936. Charlie Sprinkle likes this case. It is pertinent today?


Alford v Haner. Cops arrests guy for tape recording his traffic stop and then the guy sues the cop for it.


Self help litigation medley

1 Your rights as an imprisoned pro se litigant:

2 The top ten criminal motions in California and the Universe.

3 Motions 101: How to write a motion:

4 How to speak up in court.

5 Page of 40 motions. This page is listed on the Steve762 page:

6 Lawyerdude's demurrer page:

7 Lawyerdude's former main traffic page:

8 Lawyerdudes new standard for public defenders:

9 Lawyerdude’s recommended additions to the bill of rights:

10 The leading 143 cases that define criminal procedure:

11 How to work well with lawyerdude:

12 Here is a format to store all the data for your case:

11 Go on the offense: Actual section 1983 complaints. Sue em!

12 Were you strip searched? Sue em! Do they do a strip search anus check every time you go to the law library?

13 Our class projects:

1.         Medley of cases defining your 6th amendment right to effective assistance of counsel - appointed if necessary.

Lilburne enjoyed the benefit of appointed counsel in 1648 and got money for his damages.

The Scottsboro Boys (1932):

More of that story here:

Griffin v Illinois (1956) :

Gideon v Wainwright (1963)

Argersinger (1972)

Alabama v Shelton (2002) by putting Pearl in jail one hour they violated established law:

This Shelton case at Findlaw is:


Pearl's Motion in North Dakota court: l

2.         Medley of cases regarding your Faretta right to speak for yourself and the standards for performance of the public defender.


Here is what to demand from public defenders:

3.         Medley of cases defining your right to a free transcript if you can’t afford to pay:

Griffin et. al. v Illinois (1956) 100 L Ed 891, 351 US 12, 79 S Ct 585, 55 ALR2d 1055. You have a right to a lawyer and transcript free for your first appeal.

M. L. B. v. S. L. J., individually and as next friend of the minor children, S. L. (1996) 519 US 102; 117 S Ct 555; 136 L Ed2d 473 You have a right to free transcript in important civil case.

4.         Medley of traffic and motions.

                         These 50 actual motions are linked to the Steve762 page:

5.         Link to Medley of 143 cases that define Criminal Procedure in the United States:




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My most useful web pages and my most popular web pages are these following pages:


Links for your Empowerment! Self help Litigation forms, instructions, cases, and samples.

1.         Over 100 actual winning motions from 22 winning pro se litigators !

2.         Motions 101. How to write and file and serve a motion:

3.         Briefs 101. How to write a Memorandum of Law:

4.         Charlie’s Transcripts. Learn how to charm the judge and win your case:

5.         Fifteen actual Section 1983 federal complaints:

6.         List of the 30 most important criminal court motions. They are listed in Lawyerdude’s Bill of Rights for Criminal Defendants in jail. This is my New Standard by which to measure effectiveness of counsel. Make your appointed lawyer toe the line:

7.         Courtroom assertiveness 101: How to be assertive in court. Scripts for the Pro Se litigant:


8.         Lawyerdude’s Empowerment page:

9.         Your litigation rights page. Learn your litigation rights!

10.       Were you strip searched? Sue em! Do they do a strip search anus check every time you go to the law library? Did your jail not have a law library?

11.       List of the most quotable cases and the most useful web pages for the pro se Litigator:

12.       Your case summary and trial notebook form:

13.       New! Links to the 143 cases that define criminal procedure:

14.       My Demurrer page: perfect record so far:

All about Lawyerdude

15.       My ongoing battle with the mistaken, oppressive, and political state bar:

16.       Lawyerdudes’s biographical page:

17.       My LSD story and brief:

18.       How to work well with Lawyerdude:

19.       My most important page. My top 10 lists:

20.       My ideas. My 10 proposed amendments to the bill of rights:

21.       My home page: Or my mirror site:

22.       List of my 200 most popular web pages according to Google.

My biggest fattest briefs:

23.       My “state bar acts are unconstitutional!” brief:

24.       My 100 page LSD brief: Use this for your drug case!

25.       My collection of “right to drive” briefs:

26.       Lawyerdude's briefs:

More Lawyerdude links and Recommended Reading list

27.       Lawyerdude’s traffic page:

28.       Lawyerdude's library. A prioritized reading list. A list of books that farm folk and an enlightened populace should read. Some of these books justify weekly or monthly review - like your Bible - for your own defense.

29.       List of links to the Latest uploads from Lawyerdude:

30.       Lawyerdude's Contemporary Constitutional Issues:

31.       Lawyerdude's links page:

32.       Lawyer’s Manifesto:

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