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Lawyerdude's Top Ten Lists and Philosophy Page
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Lawyerdude's Philosophy and Top 10 Lists

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Lawyerdude's Top 10 Lists

Top Ten Method's of Analysis - including Palaschak's Bullseye Paradox: If you aim there, then it is the spot you are most like to hit, although, paradoxically, the odds are the you won't hit it. page

Top Ten Cases pertaining to Bar Licensing and Disbarment:

Top Ten most Liberating opinions of the Supreme Court:

Top Ten Most Liberating Concepts of Law:

Lawyerdude’s best and most important briefs:

Lawyerdude’s top 100 tax cases:

The Ten Worst Opinions of any court:

Lawyerdude’s top 10 instruments of oppression:

Top 10 cases brought by Jehovah Witnesses, Amish, Mennonites etc.

Lawyerdude’s top ten civil rights suits that he litigated:

Lawyerdude’s top ten web pages according to Google:

Lawyerdude’s top ten tax arguments:

Lawyerdud’s Top Ten successful pro se litigants:

Lawyerdude’s Philosophy

For years I have been storing essays and briefs on my computer. Now this internet thing gives me the capability to publish them. And then my hard drive crashed before I could transfer them to the internet. The internet will make us free! (or at least inexpensive).

Lawyerdude’s most important messages:

The beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount. Beatitudes.

From the Russian Girl on Russian girl dating service: "I think we need 3 things in life: something to do, someone to love, something to look forward to". By comparison, Freud says that two things make us happy: Love and Work.

Lawyerdude’s daily reminder:
Theoretical and Applied Law:

Lawyerdude’s most important ideas:

Constitutional Law and Individualism:

Overbreadth and Reverend Fred Shuttleworth’s case:

Instruments of Totalitarianism and oppression:

Recommended Reading: Arthur Kinoy and William Kunstler history are there.


Crass Promotional Links:

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My most useful web pages and my most popular web pages are these following pages:


Links for your Empowerment! Self help Litigation forms, instructions, cases, and samples.

1.         Over 100 actual winning motions from 22 winning pro se litigators !

2.         Motions 101. How to write and file and serve a motion:

3.         Briefs 101. How to write a Memorandum of Law:

4.         Charlie’s Transcripts. Learn how to charm the judge and win your case:

5.         Fifteen actual Section 1983 federal complaints:

6.         List of the 30 most important criminal court motions. They are listed in Lawyerdude’s Bill of Rights for Criminal Defendants in jail. This is my New Standard by which to measure effectiveness of counsel. Make your appointed lawyer toe the line:  

7.         Courtroom assertiveness 101: How to be assertive in court. Scripts for the Pro Se litigant:


8.         Lawyerdude’s Empowerment page:

9.         Your litigation rights page. Learn your litigation rights!

10.       Were you strip searched? Sue em! Do they do a strip search anus check every time you go to the law library? Did your jail not have a law library?

11.       List of the most quotable cases and the most useful web pages for the pro se Litigator:

12.       Your case summary and trial notebook form:

13.       New! Links to the 143 cases that define criminal procedure:

14.       My Demurrer page: perfect record so far:

All about Lawyerdude

15.       My ongoing battle with the mistaken, oppressive, and political state bar:

16.       Lawyerdudes’s biographical page:

17.       My LSD story and brief:

18.       How to work well with Lawyerdude:

19.       My most important page. My top 10 lists:

20.       My ideas. My 10 proposed amendments to the bill of rights:

21.       My home page: Or my mirror site:

22.       List of my 200 most popular web pages according to Google.

My biggest fattest briefs:

23.       My “state bar acts are unconstitutional!” brief:

24.       My 100 page LSD brief: Use this for your drug case!

25.       My collection of “right to drive” briefs:

26.       Lawyerdude's briefs:

More Lawyerdude links and Recommended Reading list

27.       Lawyerdude’s traffic page:

28.       Lawyerdude's library. A prioritized reading list. A list of books that farm folk and an enlightened populace should read. Some of these books justify weekly or monthly review - like your Bible - for your own defense.

29.       List of links to the Latest uploads from Lawyerdude:

30.       Lawyerdude's Contemporary Constitutional Issues:

31.       Lawyerdude's links page:

32.       Lawyer’s Manifesto:

People who link to me:

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