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Lawyerdude's main page. Douglas Palaschak.
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Hi. I'm Lawyerdude. Thanks for visiting my main page.

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All about Lawyerdude. My biography with lots of links to fun stuff.

My winning closing argument from my 1999 trial is here:


Participate in the lively legal debate on my Yahoo group at Here is what we talk about:

Our totalitarian government has by stealthy encroachment taken our basic rights and sold our rights back to us as "privileges" and "licenses". Ever mindful of stealthy encroachment, we learn to recognize modern day instruments of oppression. 1: We conduct ourselves as if we were in a class room at law school. 2: We develop tactics for dealing with those problems that define our age - like traffic tickets handed out by a camera. 3: We fight oppression. 4: We learn to write and file effective papers. 5: We sue those government oppressors, such as traffic cops and fake judges, who put a damper on freedom. 6: We use what is best from the "patriot movement". We seek authoritative patriot stuff. 7: We expose frauds - particularly uneducated book sellers in the patriot movement. 8: We urge people to take responsibility for their own litigation. 9: We provide proven successful examples, help at the beginning, and . . .. a group of lawyers and other bright folks who are doing the same thing! Our tactics: #1: The ancient and venerable Demurrer! #2 Law of void judgments: #3 42 USC 1983 #4: Guerilla Lawfare; #5 Aggressive Patriot litigation, #6: Ancient Writs #7: Persistent paper pushing. . We should never reject the cause of the oppressed and defenseless. Please see my top ten page to get an idea of the subjects that we discuss: We discuss driving rights, patriot theories, litigation, oppression, and remedies. If you want help with a legal problem please tell us the facts in a brief chronology and list of players (judge, lawyers, parties, witnesses) with phone number/addresses. Please clip your posts. Lawyers and experts: Please spell check and provide substantiation (case or statute)if possible. "I am a soldier so that my son may be a farmer so that his son may be a philosopher." - George Washington

Would you like to take Virtual tour of Ventura? Perry Mason was really Erle Stanley Gardner. He worked in a building across from Tipps Thai food - at the corner of Main and California streets:


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Current Legal Topics in the War against Totalitarian oppression

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My story about my being arrested by the FBI on my farm in Illinois.

My latest cases:

            1 $51 million patent stolen from Inventor Robert Kelly:

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How I won my case with a demurrer challenging city ordinance against sleeping in my car:

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My legal briefs organized by subject are at


The Federal Court Los Angeles Standing Committee on Discipline suspended Steve Yagman in 1995. He fought back and won. Standing Committee on Discipline v Yagman (1995) 55 F.3d 1430 .

I have another website about Farmers, Utopian Agricultural Communes in history, underground tunnels on farms, and other interesting stuff:

I have a geocities website about magnets. I has some films on it. I'll find the link.

Electromagnetism. Finding water with 2 bent steel rods. How it works scientifically.

Constitutional Law, Liberties, and Individualism:

Theoretical and Applied Law.

Did you enjoy the movie Fargo? Here is the screenplay: Fargo:


Contest: Name a movie with "Clare de Lune" in the soundtrack. There are many. Find one and I will publish your name. Hint: There is a movie coming out within days or weeks. It stars a charming young star named after one of the 50 states. In her movie there is the song Clare de Lune. It is the first sound in the preview. Also, her last movie contained Clare de Lune!


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