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Welcome to Lawyerdude's Farming and Agriculture and Science Site.

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Welcome to Lawyerdude's Farming and Agriculture and Science Site.

How to use two brazing rods to locate underground drainage pipes.

 Lawyerdude’s all true real life adventures:

Big Bad Corporations make the Terminator Seed.

FarmerDude explains how farmers can convert hybrid corn in to reliable homozygous corn:


Farmers with secret tunnels. The Rappites of Indiana. Page 5494 or

Recommended reading to enlighten naive farmers. Page 5496 or

The roots of our self-sustaining life style: Bishop Hill Commune in Henry, Illinos. Page 5495

The miracle of hybrid corn; the fundamentals of corn seed production: here at page 5493.html.

Lawyerdude’s Tesla page:

Timoshenko page:

Link to California History from the battle that gave us the Bear Flag Republic. Page 5440 (or fight)

Torrens system of Land Registration: